Sunday, June 26, 2005

My First Time

My first time to do an entrance of colors (not whatever it is you're thinking, sicko!)...

Yup. I became part of the entrance of colors during the capping and candle lighting ceremony of the 3rd year students. And yes, I've never done that before. I've never even worn a fatigue in my life prior to that occasion. I didn't do CAT, you see, because I'm a Jap citizen.
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At first I was greatly hesitant (for obvious reasons) but Sir Franco talked me into it, besides I really wanted to go to the capping so I now had an excuse. It was quite fun and I liked the military-esque uniform. Very cool!

I carried the Philippine flag and it was quite heavy. And since it was so hot in the gym plus the fact that you had to hold it for the duration of the prayer and the national anthem, I was very exhausted at the end.

The ceremony itself was ok. Some fine moments and some funny moments (why was Rebo's pic like that?). But I'd rather attend next year's capping...hehe.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Who am I?

On the one hand I am a very serious individual out to grow and learn as much of this world as I can...yet at the same time I find the time to play around, to enjoy and have laugh...and to smile.

But below the happy facade, am I really happy? Do I even know myself? I guess the answer to the first query would have to be a slightly less than emphatic yes. Yes, I am happy. I am happy that I have such wondrous and loyal friends whom I share most of my time and experiences with. I am delighted that I belong to a great school in which I have the opportunites to grow and to learn. I am ecstatic that I am able to partake of so many of this world's offerings, particularly culturally through film, television, writings, and interactive entertainment.

But before I delve into that side of me let me answer the second question. Yes, I know myself. I am a man of vision, of character, and most of all, I can confidently say that I am a man of God.

God. It's not a word very popular with today's generation - a generation which destroys moral limits and social traditions. So in this sense, I am a rebel. I am the unorthodox. I am not of the norm because I choose to live a part of my life in the past - the past wherein religion mattered, where limits abound. That part of me is my heart. My heart stays true with the conviction to limit my mind and follow with great obedience the Word of the Lord. But my mind is progressive, it continues to explore and discover. But is this not contradictory?

Not. For I am a conservative-progressive. I am conservative with my morals, progressive in my thinking. What falls into which is entirely up to me to decide.

But going back to the question of whether I am really happy or not, then I'd have to assert again that I am indeed happy. After all, with so many of the world's populace living in poverty, I'd have to be very insensitive to take such great pity upon myself.

That is not to say that I feel no pain nor sadness. When the day passes and the sounds of technology no longer occupy my being, I am left alone with only a pillow to hug. Ah...but yes, it is indeed that dilemma. So, in this context, I am normal after all.

That which I want, is that which I lack. That which I hope for, is that which eludes my grasp.

So I vain...but I'll wait smiling...

Saturday, June 18, 2005


After an exhaustive planning and prepartion phase, we finally delivered the College Convocation yesterday. I was surprised that many students were there but dumbfounded by the 'quality' of the sound system in the gym. Someone should really get that fixed.

But the highlight of the event, for me, was seeing JRF with his crush walking side by side (as uniform models) along the red carpet. It was as if walking the aisle towards a priest. Lovely!

This is just the start of the school-year though, await much, much more to come...

Friday, June 10, 2005

blah, blah, blah

Due to popular demand, and by that I mean due to Rod Vasquez' demand, I'm gonna write another post. Hmm. But what do I write about?

Do I write funny and revealing stuff about my four evil, dastardly, conniving, and wicked friends? Or do I list all the bad things happening in my life in an effort to solicit some pity and comforting from others? How about I yank on and on about how good and emotional the anime film Grave of the Fireflies while constantly and repeatedly getting 'huwat?' looks from disbelievers? Or how about I respond in kind to JRF's less than kind (or is that very kind) post in his blog? How about I tell you how happy and fulfilled I am when Japan beat North Korea 2-0 to be the first to officially qualify for next year's World Cup in Germany? But I think I'd rather tell you that me and a few others are working our assess off to prepare the orientation this coming school year and to give you the latest issue of the fabulous Collegiate Mover the very same day...but I think I'd rather not tell you that.

Maybe you'd like to hear that I'm going school shopping in a few minutes after I'm done writing this post? Did I tell you that I'm seriously liking this red and white (Japanese colors) bag I saw at this store? Its quite cheap and comes with a free hat. I hope nobody picked it up yet or I'm gonna cry. Should I just tell you the bad movies and the good movies and the good and bad PS2 games that I experienced over the past few months (reviews at the other blog)? Maybe Rod will like it if I disclose to the general public his very successful (cough x10) lofe life. Maybe not.

Wait, in trying to think what topic to write about, I've divulged all my options. Oh well, here's to the coming school year. Cheers!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Hey Yey Wey I'm 19!!! I feel like 17 or 18...or 19. Don't care but its great to be 19 even if I've only been 19 for a half a day now! Yahoo! Send gifts so I'll be happy. Thanks in advance! No figurines please! No liquor either (ahem, France)!

Man, I'm Stuffed

I haven't been writing about what's happening with me lately so I thought I'd make an entry. Recently went to McDonalds ATC for a children's party for my one year old nephew, Matthew (son of my cousin). Of course I went partly for the food (ok, largely) but it was a nice, slow afternoon and I got to wander around ATC for a while.
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Prior to the birthday, I haven't eaten at McDo for quite a while so all my senses were in high gear but I couldn't possibly eat everything (I'm the smallest eater in the group) - spaghetti, chicken, fries, burger, and sundae. There weren't a lot of guests so a lot of food were left untouched and in our family that could only mean one thing - Take Out! hehe. And so we went home with a food pack for all of us and that was that.

Its boring talking about yourself...