Thursday, November 24, 2005


The man responsible for putting an end to Sauron's madness by destroying the One Ring has asked me to update my blog. And considering the sacrifice that Fro...ahem, I mean, Reuel has done for us, I saw it fit to honor his tiny request. So here goes...

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Actually this post would be a tribute to the legacy of Reuel Vernon Culalic. No, he's not dead yet...unfortunately...but he's leaving Southville for good when he...???...graduates this school year so no better time than now to post something honoring the 'lil $#$#%^.

Reuel is the backup pointguard of the White Team. He's very good. But he's scared. Like a chicken. He likes chickens. When we go to McDo he always orders chicken. I've never seen him eat hamburger. In fact, I've never seen him eat bread. He eats rice. Now, why is that? I remember the hobbits eating bread!

Yes. Reuel is a hearthrob! All the girls look at her. Why? Because Reuel wears a magic cologne. He bought it from Baclaran. It smells like JRF piss. Not good. The cologne attracts girls who are attracted to monkeys. That's why.

Any Reuel questions? Just ask me. I'm the Reuel expert. And next time you see him, remind him not to go above 17 in my Mp3 player volume. GRRRR!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Another baby!

YES!!! The monster baby is back at the house and I'm pissing my pants in fear!!! He looks like a 5 year old!!! And he's barely one year and a half!!!
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No pics or stories as of now. They arrived just the other day. But I have pics of my other nephew (Matthew) who I call Ma-chu! So cute. The story is about our time in Manila Memorial Park (God bless the souls of the departed) last Oct. 31. It is customary for our family to go there every year and be with our departed loved ones. We usually have a good time there so that our loved ones will feel our love and happiness. Cheesy, eh?

The baby of our focus, Ma-chu, was dressed as a sly, 'lil devil (as seen in the pic). And when we went to the mini zoo in the park, he was so fond of the rods and the jrfs...oh I mean...ducks and the monkeys.

I'll try to get a pic of the two babies together sometime. Yesterday they were kissing each other! Oh no!!!

Not too late

It's not too late to post something about our semestral break trip to Batangas!!! Yes, Yes!!! We went to Batangas --> me, Reuel "Arabian Nights" Culalic, Ate Jennie, Kuya Pao, Lola Moc, Sachie and Tal (The Terrible Duo), Jami the Chubby, Pao the Hair, and Jan (Jami's Cousin).

JRF the lover boy and Rod the lover boy 2 wasn't with us because both of them are under close scrutiny by their respective girlfriends so no trip for them. Haha!!! Wawa naman! Single life RuleS!!!! or not...

Anyway. Of course we went there for swimming and all that stuff. We actually only went for a dive one time because it rained during the 2nd day and we had to leave by midday on the third. It was still a blast! Cold water!!! Brrr...
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Highlight of the 1st night was the fight against Mr. Emperador. Reuel tried to fight the man but he lost horribly. Good thing though because he belted out a few, ahem, "revelations" concerning something 100%. Better not go into much details --> just look for the video on ate jennie's blog (password: matabungkay). And don't tell Reuel that you got the password from me! Shhh!

The 2nd day I was asleep or bed-ridden for almost the entire day because Mr. Empy plus hot coffee it seemed wasn't such a good combination. But during that night...oh boy...I was in for a rough beating courtesy of Tal and Sachie! They're volleyball players alright because they whooped my head, my body, and my poor ass with their cruel spikes and tosses. Ouch. It still hurts. For more of this story: ask around!

I wish we had more time in Batangas! It was really fun despite everything. I really love cooking and I hope I get better on it. Next time: December trip!