Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cutest damn thing ever

Before you get so enraged and risk burning down your home (I'm looking at you tats!), note that I excluded myself from selecting this choice, because, of course, we all know that my cuteness factor is way off the charts. Way off.

Ahem. The recipient of my prestigious choice is the moogle from FF: Crystal Chronicles. Just look at that. So fluffy and probably infinitely huggable (not unlike yours truly...ahem). I wish it existed in real life. I'll gladly part a thousand bucks for it.

Other oh-so-cute characters include Pikachu, that other fluffy thing from Magic Knight Rayearth, that shaky, cone-nosed character from Rave, Doraemon, Badbadtzmaru, and any penguin and cat character.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Graduation and Standing Up

Reuel and ate Jennie finally graduated from the prestigious SISC institution. (no jokes there, don't bother). We (tats, wally, and sir ed) were on hand as your very dependable pseudo-soldiers. 'Tis my second time, actually, atfter last year's stint at the nursing capping ceremony...oh...but this was worse...a lot worse...

Try standing straight and rigid for over an hour and a half while carrying a quite heavy flag. Ugh. The memories...it burns the heart. Yup, that's what happens when over eager emcees decide to go ahead with the proceedings even as us poor souls were still in detail.

Good times though -- Sir Ed's "taaaaaaanghaaaaal!" and "kanang bali...kaAAAaaatt" more than made up for the sore muscles and uber back pain.

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Reuel Culalic -- dreams of being a girl someday...

Congrats to our good friends Jennie Castillo (leadership award!) and Reuel Culalic (you rule!). Libre sa unang suweldo!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Summer hair

It's so mainit...

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