Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Lords of Southville (or maybe just in the College Cafe)

Schoolyear 2005-2006 will be the year of the "Incredibly Handsomes" otherwise known as the group of Ryu, Jrf, Rod, Franz, and the returning Paulo. So I thought why not divulge a few secret and previously unattainable bits of information about the members of the group for your enjoyment and knowledge.

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Name: Ryuichi Gene B. Uchida
Nick: Ryu (some call me cutey)
Nationality: Jap
Gender: Male
Definition of Love: Sodium Chloride
Ideal Girl: Oriental and white
Interests: Videogames and movies
Fave Food: sushi and rahmen
Fave Drink: coffee
Fave Movie: Grave of the Fireflies
Fave Book: Red Storm Rising
Fave Song: Please Forgive Me
Fave Sport: Football (Soccer)
Fave School Place: Library
Ambition in Life: to own PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Revolution
Strength: astonishingly good looks
Weakness: height
Car: asa pa
Motto: "I like to move it, move it!"

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Name: JRF IbaƱez
Nick: Jerfy Boy
Nationality: proudly Filipino
Gender: ???
Definition of Love: oh yeah!
Ideal Girl: any girl will do
Interests: girls
Fave Food: anything edible
Fave Drink: Gatorade
Fave Movie: Let the Love Begin
Fave Book: Harry Potter
Fave Song: Don't Know What To Do
Fave Sport: Basketball
Fave School Place: Canteen
Ambition in Life: to be a girl (or is that to be inside a girl? ewww)
Strength: fully developed muscles
Weakness: English speaking skills
Car: Honda City
Motto: "Who's your daddy?"
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Name: Rod Steven O. Vasquez
Nick: Roddy (or Flabby)
Nationality: unproud Filipino
Gender: uhm...male ata
Definition of Love: love is all that matters, faithful and forever...
Ideal Girl: Japanese
Interests: Cars
Fave Food: Sisig
Fave Drink: plain water
Fave Movie: same as JRF
Fave Book: Rod says - what's a book?
Fave Song: Love Takes Time
Fave Sport: Cockfighting
Fave School Place: Parking Lot
Ambition in Life: to have JRF-like muscles
Strength: pleasing personality
Weakness: 50 pounds overweight
Car: Kia Besta
Motto: "Love is blind"
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Name: Francois Thoenen
Nick: Prangkoys
Nationality: Fil-Swiss
Gender: Definitely Male
Definition of Love: over in 3 minutes
Ideal Girl: sexy and hot...and game
Interests: alcohol
Fave Food: Cheese and dairy
Fave Drink: Red Horse
Fave Movie: Closer
Fave Book: Funny Comics
Fave Song: As Long As You Love Me
Fave Sport: Swimming
Fave School Place: doesn't really go to school
Ambition in Life: to pass a subject
Strength: deep pockets
Weakness: alcoholic
Car: Nissan Sentra
Motto: "Tara inom tayo"
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Name: Paulo Jaranilla
Nick: Shao
Nationality: Filipino (???)
Gender: Male
Definition of Love: I'm in love
Ideal Girl: scary, intimidating
Interests: guitar and cigs..lots of cigs
Fave Food: La la
Fave Drink: tequila
Fave Movie: Star Wars
Fave Book: intellectual books you wouldn't have a chance of understanding
Fave Song: Nothing Else Matters
Fave Sport: is driving recklessly a sport?
Fave School Place: smoking area in Select
Ambition in Life: to own Marlboro Inc.
Strength: impeccable driving skills
Weakness: talking in Filipino
Car: Honda Hatchback
Motto: "Chillax (Chill and relax)"

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Caught in the net of deep emotion
Held anew by utter conviction
Approaching a state few men achieve
Realizing ironically the futility of belief
Looking intently for something to live by
Eagerly awaiting a cure for my cry
Nothing will change sadly even though I whine
Even with all I am, I'm no one because you're not mine...

Monday, May 02, 2005

Choose the best!

Pictures are louder than words, or so they say (nevermind that the word is actually action is...), so that's why there will be few words in this post and three gorgeous pics of my international crushes. Choose the best and give me a holler.
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A- Amber Tamblyn (American). Can be seen on Joan of Arcadia
B- Sarah Tan (Singaporean). Channel V VJ
C- Yu Aoi (Japanese). From the movie Hana and Alice (check my review at the other blog)