Wednesday, October 12, 2005

the return of the monster baby!

My sister and her cute, big, year-old son (my nephew) recently visited us in my aunt's house. They stayed there with us for a week, customary monthly thing. Of course, since my room is small and there's no such thing as a guest room, I had to make do with sleeping in a makeshift bed for the whole week.
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Ouch! Still feeling the ill effects in my back. Try sleeping in six uneven pillows for a week!

There was this one unforgettable night though. It was about midnight and all seems well. I was probably dreaming, or something, and I noticed that it felt kinda heavy. After a while I woke up and found Shaun, the big baby who probably weighs much more than I do, on top of me sleeping merrily at my expense. Goodness! and he seemed to be enjoying it. and so was my ate who was merely watching and laughing all the while. She said the baby was in that position for over 30 minutes! hehe. fun, but then painful...arouch!

college cup III ends...

okay, I know, I know, this one's long overdue. It happened like ages ago but I have some spare pics so I might as well use them. Anyway, college cup III didn't end like the white team wanted it to end, not referring to the champions pink or the runners-up red per se but rather that we didn't make it to the semis again. darn. something for next sem then.
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championship was helluva lot of fun. although my voice failed me in several occasions -- i'm not cut out for that announcing gig, so hard on the vocal chords. argh. but it was fun, exciting, and nervewracking. hoping a bigger finals next sem.

you see some of the white team members holding the trophy. yup, its ourS! kidding. but I hope we'll get the chance to hold it for real next sem. suportahan niyo kami! watch all our games!

darn!!!! still can't get over the best muse thing! I mean, c'mon!