Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Polar Opposites Make For A Crackling Good Time

This is weird: After a gloomy 2 hour experience watching Edward Norton's American History X, a story about a white supremacist and his sudden change of heart after a brief incarceration, I watched a Korean romantic comedy that females all over Southville have been talking about for ages. I talk about My Sassy Girl, of course, which co-star my long-time crush Jun Ji-hyun who I had no idea was in this film (otherwise, I'd have watched this film a looooong time ago).

Now, I say that this is weird because while I'll give a serious 5 out of 5 to American History X, I dare say that it's an inferior film to My Sassy Girl. And while a film like My Sassy Girl will never be nominated for an Oscar, it'll probably rate higher in my Favorite Films of All time list (if I ever make one) than the other film of comparison.

Without discussing anything concrete about the film (translation: I'm lazy!), My Sassy Girl not only feature one of the most beautiful girl this Japanese eyes had ever laid its sights on, it's practically the single most charming film I've ever seen.

So, while I'd like to have a lengthy discussion with my macho peers concerning the whats and hows and other hooplas of American History X, I'd really rather spend time with the Southville females and gloat over how cute My Sassy Girl is.


At Wednesday, May 10, 2006 6:53:00 AM, Blogger Darcy Harold said...

It IS a good film, and not just because you can spend time with the ladies discussing the intricacies of the plotline. It's just how relationships really work. Not that you're very experienced with such things. Anyway, you were a no show at warzone, so I assume you just chickened out. How about joining us in a gaming marathon next week at spyworld? I'll still have to check with Mel, but this time, give me your cellphone number so I can remind your lazy ass of the plans.

So there.

At Thursday, May 18, 2006 5:49:00 PM, Blogger †a‡su™ said...

Gay, how dare you say that a funny love story is better than a violent racist movie? Jun Ji Hyun is really pretty though, and that is the most common thing american movies lack, really exceptional girls. Aside from the girl character, I still dont get why people like that movie, no one died and it had a happy ending...

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