Saturday, September 24, 2005

Going back...

I'd forgotten how much I miss my high school alma mater -- Elizabeth Seton School. I can't be sure, but I believe that much of who I am today stems from my four years of stay in that institution. Sure, I may have had the same quality of education in similarly-leveled (ESS is considered one of the tops schools in the country -- supposedly, but I believe it) schools. But the same character? I doubt it.
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It is in this school that I first developed the idea that there is a bigger world out there. A world bigger than the Playstation I was so fond of. Larger and more expansive than the television set most of us are guilty of being too attached to. ESS didn't teach me to abandon these luxuries, they however taught me how to put these things into perspective.

In my graduating year in ESS, I became the editor-in-chief of the Seton Notes (our official school paper), the treasurer for the Student Council, and the chief of the Yearbook Committee. Seeing where I am today, and realizing the various responsibilites that I hold, I am happy that I undertook those responsibilities back then because otherwise I may still just be a regular, happy-go-lucky, non-caring student. Thank God.
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So when ESS elebrated its first Grand Alumni Homecoming, I was eager to go back. Not a lot went back, only around 600-700 people came -- they missed the free ice cream and iced tea (stuff which I found out could lead to fever when taken in excessively). But the new gymnasium where the party was held was breathtaking. It puts SISC's gym to shame. International my ass (not that I hate southville, I love it, it's just that ESS is better).

It is when I returned to my 4th year classroom, however, that things started to get really nostalgic. I guess what they say is true: no place like home. And for what seemed to be longer than ten months, I considered that classroom my home. Seating in my old seat -- priceless...

Monday, September 19, 2005

AfTer a very long vacation

Not a real vacation per se, but a vacation from blogging. And not a voluntary, peaceful, and serene vacation, it's just that som many things keep cropping up and there's barely enough time to do anything, let alone blogging. But the rain has finally cleared (by that I mean not the 'real' rain but the events etc.), at least for a while, and that has allowed me the chance to blog once again.

Peer Counseling
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The SSC-CoL, together with the Psychology Society of xtian sekhanan initiated the peer counseling seminar last...uh I dunno. it was attended by several schools including sisc. its objective was to help our peers in terms of counseling. hence, peer counseling. we have more projects lined up for this cause so await that.

St. Mark's talk
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I was invited to give an inspirational address by the student council of St. Mark's Institute (SMI) -- a nearby school. The officers of the new student council there knew me from the Asian Federation of Student Leaders (AFSL) convention last october held in SISC. Anyways, the talk was at the last of the program -- they were celebrating linggo ng wika -- so I was guest of honor watching the festivities seated in the middle of the stage together with the school administrators. I was surprised by the number of poeple there, literally the whole school population of over a thousand was there. And I was expecting a crowd of less than 100. Whew! I delivered the speech quite ok and I'm glad the whole ordeal was over. I had to finish the food they offered me in a hurry bec. I have a meeting with the SISCPA (parent's assoc.) back in southville. off I went. busy day.

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The annual alay lakad of rotary international was exciting. we had more delegates including new friends from the freshmen block. too bad ******** wasn't there. that spoiled the whole affair. damn. regardless, it was for a good cause and I can't wait for the next one.