Thursday, January 26, 2006

More rantings!

What the hell is wrong with SM escalators? Are they made from wood? Why do they break at the most inopportune time? Like when I'm about to get on it. Damn annoying.

Also, what year does Wendy's think it is? I'm pretty sure they haven't received the word that we're 6 years into the 21st century considering that they still set their prices exclusive of tax. Picture this situation: A man proudly orders a menu item at a Wendy's store thinking that he has just enough to pay for the item and get home. He's even more proud because he has got his finances figured out down to the last centavo. However, poor 'lil guy has no idea that Wendy's doesn't include VAT in their price listings, so when the smiling attendant tells the guy the total bill for the order, the guy is shocked that instead of exactly P50, his total bill is actually P50.20.

In a state of panic, and clenching his fists tight around the varied coins and bills that he has prepared, the guy deliberates avoiding utter embarassment and humilition over getting to home quick and easy.

Now, I'm not this guy but I'm pretty sure that somewhere out there a person has suffered this terrible fate. So, Wendy's: WISE UP!

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And, oh yeah, I just have to reaffirm that penguins are the cutest things ever. Just look at them. Adorable.

But back to some more rantings (the penguins are there just for aesthetic value). Well, actually I don't have anything else to say, I'm quite happy and calm now because of the cute, adorable penguins! Aww. But, come support the White Team next week! Cheer for us!

Thursday, January 19, 2006


I'll take a break from the series of Alpha Phi Culalic member profiles. I have some things to say and I hope you (all three of you) will listen.

1st: About shades
I don't really have a grudge against those who wear shades; it's just that I think that shades have their place and their use. For instance, driving in broad daylight constitutes the need to wear shades because otherwise you'll be blinded. Also, if you have sore eyes then it's best, for the sake of everyone, to wear shades. Consequently, there are times when wearing shades isn’t ideal, or in most cases, just downright weird. Wearing shades indoors is one example. Wearing shades all the time is another. Come on guys, let’s see those beautiful eyes. Trust me when I say that a person’s arrogance level increases exponentially when they wear shades, especially the impossibly black ones.

2nd: Fatigue
I’m really tired. I am. I’m only 19, but I sometimes feel older. I like going to school, if only for some things, but I’m tired of being in class. Yes, I still want to learn, that part of me will never die, but I need a break. I need time out.

3rd: DVD
I WANT more Asian films! They’re the best thing ever! Somebody find me a copy of Hana and Alice!

4th: About NaCl
The only thing that’s keeping me sane (though sometimes insane). I wonder when I’ll be free from this prison. But, in truth, I’m not really sure if I want out. Only three semesters to go for me…will I be free then?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Food Monster

This next guy goes by a lot of names. He was once called BeeBoy after an incident with a bee (duh, of course). He was dubbed Joratio (pronounced Ho-Ra-Sho) because that’s his real name. In some circles, he’s regarded as Boy Pagkain (or in English, Food Boy) because of his seemingly unending appetite. In the basketball court, he is Mr. Excitement because, well, he is always excited.

But, this guy is known to us by the simple call sign of Tatos (that’s Tah-Tos, or you can say Tey-Toes) because the name sounds cute. Tah-Tos! Tah-Tos! Tah-Tos! Say it with me! Hooray! Hooray-sho!
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Anyway, Tats (that’s the short version) is one helluva eater. He’s first order of business in school is food, and his last order of business is also food. Simply put, he goes to school for food. And for girls. Yup, lots of girls. Tats has a crush for every letter of the alphabet. I myself wear a certain pendant, and if Tats would have done the same, his pendant would probably read something akin to 3A65B2C5D and so on and so forth. The guy has crushes up the wazoo.

But, don’t get the impression that Tats is only about the food and the girls. Tats is also a bona fide rocker. And by that I mean he headbangs like there’s no tomorrow. Girls, take note, Tats is quite scary when enjoying his desired levels of noise, which he claims falls under the art category of music, but I detest.

And lest I forget, Tats has the patented Sunshine Shot. Watch our bball games to know what I’m talking about. Send him some love!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Boy Sabog -- Rod

He's tall, he's white, he's everything your not. He's handsome, he's hot, he's overweight by 50 lbs. He's cute, he's charming, he's into...oh crap.

Yup. Yup. Yup. It's another edition of the fabled "RYU tells his friends deepest secrets". I've already touched on the profile of the savior of Middle Earth, now it's time for the greatest shooter of the White Team -- Rod Steven O. Vasquez.
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Hmmm. What do I have to say? Rod has a girlfriend. Her name is Jam. Jam has a boyfriend. His name is Rod. Rod lives in Cavite. He drives a van. He has lots of money, but he is very "kuripot!" He hasn't treated me to Pancake House as per Lords of the College Cafe Executive Agreement No. 758, which states: Any member of the prestigious Lords of the College Cafe gay community who manages to woo (or fool) a girl into becoming his official (dapat may written consent nang parents) girlfriend should, under the penalty of ouster from the organization, treat all the other members of the organization to a eat-all-you-can festivity in the Pancake House restaurant within 1 year of the date of official relationship creation.

Anyway, Rod also likes Filipino films. We've watched Volta, Let the Love Begin, etc. Those movies suck! But Rod is a diehard Filipino film fan. His favorite TV show is Daisy Siete and his favorite actor/actress is Richard Gutierrez. He also religiously watches Boy Abunda's Homeboy.

Aside from his favorites, Rod is one helluva good friend. But then again, he is very "kuripot!" Hoy, manlibre ka naman! Nagugutom ako!