Thursday, July 20, 2006

Post-College Night

We planned to go to Tagaytay after the College Night: Time. We were supposed to sample the delights of Mushroom Burger and the Starbucks of Tagaytay Starbucks. But, since Moc and Sachie were with us, Shao's van couldn't quite handle our combined weight.
So instead we went to the very far and fine eating establishment called Tropical Hut in BF. What a road trip! There Jennie planned for Tats to have a "Burger FEst", as she calls it, in the future wherein we would experiment on just how many burgers Tats can eat in one sitting. That's to be discussed. So stay tuned!

Post-World Cup

France lost. Italy won. Zidane headbutted someone. Story of the night.

But the fun side of it was that we were all rooting for France, but when Italy was winning, we were rooting for them. And when Italy won it, we all did our best in singing "We are the Champions" in support of the huge Italian delegation amongst the crowd. Shameful, I tell you.

And so the four year wait for the 2010 South Africa World Cup begins. Hopefully, by that time, we'd all have more money in our hands to get better (and more) food.

ROd is 20! aww...

It might be hard to believe, but Rod Steven O. Vasquez (the bald dude on the extreme left. the cute girl is jam abrenica, his girlfriend) has turned 20. He is now on his way to becoming a millionaire by age 25...or not.

But never you mind that. Money's not important. The important thing is that Rod celebrated his birthday by having a drinking, gambling, smoking, failing-to-set-the-gear-shift-on-neutral-before-ignition (more on this later) bash! What a night!

Poker was the name of the night but some of the guys preferred to play "99". Good thing for us in the poker table because we were the ones still standing normally by the end of the whole party--everyone else had it in them.

And, before I forget, let me share the neutral thingy I was talking about earlier. You see, we were about to leave in Rod's van (me, Jam, Sachie, Moc, and driver Rod) when Rod got out of the car to say goodbye to the other peeps. He told Jam to start the car saying that it was in neutral (the gear shift). Turns out it was in 1st GEAR and that made the van move forward. Having no driver onboard, the van proceeded to push on, sliding down the not-so-steep road. As the van nearly had a close encounter with a electric post, I decided to jump towards the driver seat (cue Power Rangers music) hoping to be a hero. But being the car ignoramus that I am, I yelled: 'Where's the brake!!!???". Somebody shouted, "Gitna!", and the rest as they say is history. Whew!

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But that didn't tarnish the occasion -- as a matter of fact that "incident" will be a source of many future barkada conversations. Most probably, though, at the expense of the bald dude who just turned 20. Happy bday Bokis!

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Sunday, July 09, 2006


Been unable to log in to the web for such a long time now. It felt like I've missed so much. Anyhows, I'm back and...I don't really have much time because I'm writing this while a price counter is ticking fast in a Netopia branch.

College Night: Time went on with just a few hitches yesterday. It was fun! Hoho. Undoubtedly the best production of the SSC-CoL yet. Most of the performances rocked, especially Shao's band and the funny videos.

Didn't get to see much of the crowd, though. Was too busy runnin' around makin' sure everything went as smooth as possible. There was a weird moment during the transition to the 90's if you could remember. Some 5 men (myself included) paraded, model-like, towards the mini-stage at the center to the tune of an obscure Michael Jackson music. That was an impromptu thingy. Yup. Impromptu. So don't ask.

Fun night yesterday and I'm sure tonight will be no different. We'll be watching Superman Returns in just a while and then at 4 am we'll go to San Mig Pub to watch the World Cup final between France and Italy. I'll be rooting for France because I'm symphatetic to the great Zinedine Zidane who will be retiring from the great sport after this match.

Too bad about the Japanese team. And too bad that Hidetoshi Nakata, our country's greatest ever player, decided to call it quits at a very young age of 29. We'll miss him. Now bring on the world basketball championships in Japan! (coming this august!)

***And congrats sa BSBA group--2nd runner up sa video production contest sa college night. Haha. Galing ni rod and JRF! Booyah! COngrats din k tats--best actor!