Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Passing through walls

Oh, yeah. I never had so much fun watching a bad movie. X-Men 3: The Last Stand I simply couldn't stand--good thing that the most gorgeous celebrity these eyes has ever laid its sights on was on-screen. Ellen Page aka Shadowcat or Kitty Pryde.

Oooohh. Joratio is only mildly attracted to her and Wally snubs her like an insect, but they don't have good eyes, you see--mine sees as clear as a crystal.

Never had I wanted to go to another country more desperately than now. I wanna go to Canada (her hometown)! *Sob*

Too bad Ben Foster (the guy who played Angel in X3) is rumored to be dating Ellen. Lucky bastard. I'll kick his ass.

Oooohhh. Ellen Page...

Samurai Blue 2006

This is it. It's only a little over one week until the whole world watches closely as the whole world plays. Fifa World Cup 2006 in Germany is finally upon us, and coming June 9, 2006, time may indeed stop.

This is Japan's third consecutive World Cup, with the first effort in France '98 ending without a win for Japan, and with the second effort in Korea/Japan giving a Final Round of 16 appearance.

With about a dozen of Japan's Germany roster currently playing or have played in various European leagues such as the Italian Serie A, English Premiership, and most of all, the La Liga Espanola, Japan seems poised for a real chance at bettering its previous Cup appearance.

Our first match is against Australia, followed by Croatia, and finally against reigning World Champions Brazil. We're ranked 18 in the world, I hope we that the Samurai Blue Nippon team show the world that we can do better than that.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Polar Opposites Make For A Crackling Good Time

This is weird: After a gloomy 2 hour experience watching Edward Norton's American History X, a story about a white supremacist and his sudden change of heart after a brief incarceration, I watched a Korean romantic comedy that females all over Southville have been talking about for ages. I talk about My Sassy Girl, of course, which co-star my long-time crush Jun Ji-hyun who I had no idea was in this film (otherwise, I'd have watched this film a looooong time ago).

Now, I say that this is weird because while I'll give a serious 5 out of 5 to American History X, I dare say that it's an inferior film to My Sassy Girl. And while a film like My Sassy Girl will never be nominated for an Oscar, it'll probably rate higher in my Favorite Films of All time list (if I ever make one) than the other film of comparison.

Without discussing anything concrete about the film (translation: I'm lazy!), My Sassy Girl not only feature one of the most beautiful girl this Japanese eyes had ever laid its sights on, it's practically the single most charming film I've ever seen.

So, while I'd like to have a lengthy discussion with my macho peers concerning the whats and hows and other hooplas of American History X, I'd really rather spend time with the Southville females and gloat over how cute My Sassy Girl is.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Prep for Operation Dominion

Slacking off day and night during summer is nice and all but there's only so much heat one can take ( So, getting psyched for next (last?) school year has been the modus operandi lately. Ah, I can just see it--the all day slacking off at the base camp. Oh, wait, sorry, I just said that wasn't the plan.

In that spirit, I present to all my SISC buddies Operation Dominion. I've yet to construct what I expect to be a pretty hefty final docu (and I probably never will) but the rough of the plan is to take over all essential systems of Southville. From the food, to the air, to the girls, to the teachers, to the garbage cans, to the newspapers, to the computers--we'll take control!

What's the purpose? MWAHAHAHA! To serve my dastardly and maniacal evil genius, of course!

So, people of the Alpha Phi Culallic/Sister's Burger/White Team/Lords of the College Cafe, prepare for the final challenge! The point of ascension is at the fingertips of our clan. All hail the mighty Reuel Vernon Culalic --sacred leader and supreme grandmaster-- he who hast saved us from the fiery inferno of Mount Doom!

*** Of course, opening school day will most likely result in non-commencement of whatever plan and just boil down to all-day, every man for himself, chick hunting ***

Friday, May 05, 2006

Now Playing - Pinoy Big Brother: Kim Edition

I critized it, I lambasted it, I poked fun at it (in numerous occasions, and I might add, with a mighty dose of satisfaction each time). I'm talking about ABS-CBN's Pinoy Big Brother.

But as much as I sincerely hated the first two iterations of this show, I can't seem to get enough of the latest--Teen Edition. It's not really that the show has 'improved'--it hasn't. The show's premise of a dozen or so 'housemates' stuck in a communal house, with menial tasks from here to there, has largely remained the same. So, what has convinced my usually rock-hard critical two cents to do a 180? One word: Yaks!

And to those not yet bitten by the Big Brother bug, yaks is the oh-so-cute one-time expression (she hasn't repeated it...darn) of Chinese cutie Kim during that time when kuya ordered her to sing a Chinese song, which unbeknownst to her was being simultaneously broadcast to the whole house (see, I'm watching the show).

Ok, ok. A complete reversal of thought just because of one cute girl (but she's so darn cute!) may seem illogical, beyond reason, or downright immature. Well, the truth is that my basic opinion fo the show remains the same. After all, I don't usually enjoy reality-based programming. And I especially detest constant outflux of emotions (which the show has an unhealthy amount of). In fact, since this is an all-teen edition, the frustration factor is at many times unbearable. If I was in that house (which I wish I was--seriously!), I don't think that that the word restraint would be in my vocabulary. I'd have given many of the characters a serious talking-to. Although I realize that they're still teens and that maybe I was just like them sissy-pants when I was their age, so I may be overreacting.

But the truth is that I watch this show everyday, in all its many versions (the primetime one, the uplate one, the before noon one. Are there other versions?), and I might just see this through right to the very end. Well, as long as Kim doesn't get evicted.

This author realizes that many years from now, when the author has settled down and finally gets married (???), and when all picturesque memories of Kim has faded (though, probably not), that he may kick himself in the arse several times over and be as red as a rose in embarassment for ever having written this piece. But until that time, happy reading.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

some comments

Caution: prior reading of joratio nuyda's recent post required (see links).

Narrative comments are a bitch to write (especially at this unholy an hour and at this mind condition--game euphoria/distraught). So, bite-sized shenanigans, instead. Here goes:

KH2: fun game. but not when your darn copy is not working properly.

edward norton: great actor. haven't seen american history x so I'd have to give the best job nod to kingdom of heaven (that voice still gives me the creeps)

crash: best film ever.

Silent hill: I loved all four games (creepiest game series ever…creepier than norton’s voice-over work for KoH). The recent film? My official two cents goes like this: “The most faithful game-to-movie adaptation ever; “Delivers a terrific audio-visual tour-de-force”; Painfully, the second part destroys the wondrous, and quite miraculous (considering that this is a videogame film) quality of the film’s first hour.” So, there.

Tatos: food. Girls. Sleep. And. Oh. Star. Wars. And. Of. Course. Mariah. Carey.